As Ted in Harbor

"...Ted, portrayed by Creg Sclavi is powerful and successful. Ted supports Kevin through all his failures but at the same time exerts control over the household placing his dreams at the forefront. Sclavi is fantastic. His ability to convey such a wide range of feelings and do so flawlessly leaves you in awe. The emotional variance required of the character is like watching a game of ping pong and Sclavi is on point with each and every serve."

-- Jacob Ruscoe -

As Septimus Hodge in Arcadia

"Thomasina and Hodge are the play’s beating heart. Kudos to Corvo and Sclavi for bringing them to life — they’re deeply moving..."

-- Marty Fugate -

As Elvis Presley in Million Dollar Quartet

"Besides the stunning vocal performances...
Creg Sclavi has perfected all of Elvis' moves and was a fantastic guitarist..."

-- Julie McHale - TimeOut Theater Critic

As Scott in Evil Dead: The Musical

" Scott, Sclavi absolutely has the side-splitting humor of his perfectly asinine character down to a science.... Sclavi immediately set the tone for the show... and I knew that I was in for a treat."

-- Michelle Hache -

As Bobby Stong in Urinetown: The Musical

Nominated for Best Actor in a Musical - Jeff Awards (Chicago, IL)

"Creg Sclavi (is) a newcomer to our area who truly has this role down to perfection."

-- Alan Bresloff - Around the Town Chicago

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