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As Ted in Harbor

"Sclavi is fantastic. His ability to convey such a wide range of feelings and do so flawlessly leaves you in awe. The emotional variance required of the character is like watching a game of ping pong and Sclavi is on point with each and every serve."-- Jacob Ruscoe -

As Septimus Hodge in Arcadia

"Thomasina and Hodge are the play’s beating heart. Kudos to Corvo and Sclavi for bringing them to life — they’re deeply moving..."-- Marty Fugate -

As Elvis Presley in 
Million Dollar Quartet

"Besides the stunning vocal performances...Creg Sclavi has perfected all of Elvis' moves and was a fantastic guitarist..."-- Julie McHale - TimeOut Theater Critic

As Scott in 
Evil Dead: The Musical

" Scott, Sclavi absolutely has the side-splitting humor of his perfectly asinine character down to a science.... Sclavi immediately set the tone for the show... and I knew that I was in for a treat."-- Michelle Hache -

As Bobby Stong in 
Urinetown: The Musical

Nominated for Best Actor in a Musical - Jeff Awards (Chicago, IL)

"Creg Sclavi (is) a newcomer to our area who truly has this role down to perfection."-- Alan Bresloff - Around the Town Chicago

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